Avowal of Love.

I`ll never forget a sunrise of your smile.
And your amazing stream upon beauty`s face.
Take all of my strength to cover for a while
To be a little baby, so extremely blessed.

Like sound of quiet fiddle in the thicket
You graduate a guise through full garb of life.
Take all of my anointing abstinent,
You `re my helper in perennial strife.

Yo, my stylish Eton jacket lady!
You`ve given me a free reality I dreamed.
Take all of my leery soul overstayed.
You`re my changer to do song instead of scream.

My sweet and noble kingpin person,
The whole day was evident your freaky heel.
Take all of my urge forward to be better
I kiss your lips, give Love and dedicate my skill.

Автор Sergey Komardin

Я не хочу подниматься один, хочу всемирный рост видеть - Ваш покорный слуга Сергей Комардин с призванием любить и ненавидеть!!

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