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The Clinton Global Initiative

19.10.2006, Анонсы и Объявления, Sergey,оставить комментарий

Dear Friends,

The Administration of The Embassy of God is delighted to connect with you through this medium.

As you were informed in our previous letter, Pastor Sunday has just attended his first Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting, which was held from the 20th to the 22nd of September, 2006, in New York City, USA.

Participation in the CGI meeting was by invitation only and limited to a select and diverse group of heads of state, CEOs, media voices, philanthropists, foundation heads, religious leaders, original thinkers and those who run highly effective non-governmental and non-profit organizations. This composition matches people who possess resources with those who have the most innovative ideas and capabilities for implementation.
Each participant was asked to make a commitment in one of four focus areas:
- energy and climate change;
- global public health;
- poverty alleviation, and;
- Mitigating religious and ethnic conflict.
The conference methodology was designed to stimulate practical ideas that could serve as the basis of effective commitments, resulting in direct and immediate action.

By the ample grace of God, Pastor Sunday was invited to participate and voice his thoughts on these four focus areas during the meeting. You were asked to join with us in prayer and faith that the Lord would effectively use Pastor Sunday as His Ambassador, providing him with divine wisdom similar to that of great leaders in the Old Testament such as Daniel and Solomon and that the same spirit that was with Christ would cause Pastor Sunday to be successful in forming significant and practical answers for the global problems that our world is suffering from right now.

The meeting was a call to action, not only for the secular world to reach out and change the current direction our global society is heading, but also to Christians all over the world, represented by Pastor Sunday and others.
Pastor Sunday would like to thank you for your response to his request for prayer and also action to effect the eradication of the causes for global problems.

Report of the CGI meeting by Pastor Sunday Adelaja:

I thank God for opening the door for me to go to the CGI meeting and also of having the blessed privilege of representing the Body of Christ at that caliber of summit.
I was able to learn a lot by attending it together with 600 of the world.s most influential leaders.

There were many impressions made upon me during this expedient time and I would like to share them with the Body of Christ.

My first impression is that, I was sad to notice that so few Christians were in attendance at the CGI meeting and it is my feeling that Christians should be at the forefront of such an initiative. It seems that the influence of Christians is minimal and that the world is leading the way where Christians have the potential and upper hand, with God.s strength, to become the most influential and powerful in the world. According to Deuteronomy 28:13, we are called to be the head and not the tail, first and not last. Christians have been sitting for too long within the four walls of their church buildings and thereby ignoring issues that should concern them, allowing other people to run the world.

Questions addressed at the CGI meeting were questions that are applicable to the Body of Christ. However, not enough of the church is attending to global problems and it is therefore clear that God has shifted the responsibility to the world. God is not short of plans and will implement what is necessary to get the job done.

One of the topics addressed at the meeting was the question of poverty alleviation. The Bible numerous times directs us to act aggressively towards poverty.
Another question raised was that of global warming and climate change. The result of that would make life difficult and worsen living conditions for everyone.
A third question raised was to do with a lack of energy in the earth. The lack of clear water leads to crisis and continuous death, especially within developing countries. It should be the initiative of every Christian to provide answers for these global problems.
Lastly, was the question of global public health. Due to poor health, many are dying unnecessary deaths all over the world, especially within developing countries, because of a lack of funds and medication.

Leaders of the CGI have taken upon themselves the responsibility of solving these questions and thereby providing answers to suffering humanity.
I feel that the leaders of such an initiative should be Christians, but unfortunately there are so few Christians and even pastors leading the way with such initiatives.

That concludes my first impression, that Christians should play a more active role as leaders in their respective cities, nations and in the world.

My second impression was that sometimes we are too condemning upon the world, and that even I, upon going to the CGI meeting, went with reservations and feelings of prejudice towards some of the attendees, especially the host, Mr. Bill Clinton, because of the tabloids and negative media that he received in the past.
Some people have even written in response to our news letter, advising me against attending the CGI meeting and that they do not support anything that has to do with Bill Clinton.
However, this conference has totally changed my life and attitude by giving me new perspective and understanding, not only of Bill Clinton but of a lot of people that we hear about in the media, people that play a major leading role in our countries and lives.

In addition to this, I have discovered that Mr. Bill Clinton and the other members were seeking to attend to that which is significant and are in fact being used of God to bring answers and solutions to the causes which matter to His Father heart.

This is therefore my second conclusion, that we should not be too quick to condemn and judge others before we understand the situation and circumstances behind the outward actions.
We as Christians judge by our own understanding of what sin is, especially with regards to sexual sin, homosexuality and abortion, and do not realize that outward, obvious sins are not the only types of sins but that there are other things that could disqualify us as Christians.

I have discovered from my time at the conference that there were people, not knowing their personal lives, who were able to portray a picture of the fear of God and commitment to His principles, those of justice and righteousness.
Those who we would consider to be Christians, who do not smoke and drink, and those who are not caught in acts of adultery, are not as obedient as some of these, to the other aspects of God.s principles and instruction.

It was my impression that those whom we do not consider to be Christian, are in some sense acting out more of the Christian principles than those of us who continuously talk about God and do little to practice what we preach.

In conclusion, it is my hope that all of us can learn a valuable lesson from my experiences at the CGI meeting, in that we would be encouraged, and for those of us who are church leaders, to encourage others to take a stand and take up the position of leadership all over the world.
Also that we should not rush to condemn others based upon previous acts of unrighteousness that they have done at one time or another without realizing their walk with God after that time.
We do not know their hearts which might be totally different from the impression that the tabloids feed us.

It is my hope and prayer that these experiences will make a lasting impression on every one us.

Yours truly,

Pastor Sunday Adelaja
The Embassy of God Church in Kyiv, Ukraine

(From www.clintonglobalinitiative.com)

The Clinton Global Initiative is a non-partisan endeavor, bringing together a carefully selected group of the world.s best minds and most distinguished problem solvers to focus on practical, effective measures that can be taken now. These leaders - from a wide variety of political, ideological, religious, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds - include current and former heads of state, top business executives, preeminent scholars, and representatives of key non-governmental organizations.

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